Own Your Dream Ride: Explore Used Golf Carts for Sale by Owners in Fremont, Idaho

Used golf carts for sale by owner in Fremont, Idaho – Welcome to the world of pre-owned golf carts in Fremont, Idaho, where savvy buyers discover exceptional deals on quality golf carts from trusted sellers. Get ready to elevate your outdoor adventures or daily commutes with a used golf cart that fits your needs and budget.

Whether you’re seeking a reliable ride for the golf course, a convenient transportation option for the neighborhood, or a fun way to explore the great outdoors, our comprehensive guide to used golf carts for sale by owners in Fremont, Idaho, has got you covered.

Golf Cart Inventory

Own Your Dream Ride: Explore Used Golf Carts for Sale by Owners in Fremont, Idaho

Find the perfect used golf cart for your needs in Fremont, Idaho. We have a wide selection of makes, models, and years to choose from, all at unbeatable prices.

Our golf carts are thoroughly inspected and reconditioned to ensure they are in top condition. We also offer a variety of financing options to make it easy for you to get the golf cart you want.

Available Golf Carts

Image Make/Model Year Condition Price
Golf Cart 1 Club Car DS 2018 Excellent $8,500
Golf Cart 2 EZ-GO TXT 2017 Good $7,000
Golf Cart 3 Yamaha Drive 2016 Fair $5,500

Pricing Analysis

Own Your Dream Ride: Explore Used Golf Carts for Sale by Owners in Fremont, Idaho

In Fremont, Idaho, the pricing of used golf carts exhibits a wide range, influenced by factors such as make, model, year, condition, and features.

Upon analyzing the market, several key trends and patterns emerge:

Make and Model

  • Popular brands like Club Car, EZ-GO, and Yamaha generally command higher prices than lesser-known makes.
  • Within each brand, specific models may have higher demand and, consequently, higher prices.


  • Newer models tend to be priced higher than older ones, as they often incorporate advancements in technology and features.
  • However, well-maintained older carts can still fetch respectable prices, especially if they are from reputable brands.


  • The overall condition of a used golf cart significantly impacts its price.
  • Carts with clean interiors, fresh paint, and well-functioning components will command a premium.


  • Additional features such as upgraded seats, custom wheels, and extended roofs can increase the value of a used golf cart.
  • Carts with advanced features like GPS tracking or Bluetooth connectivity may also fetch higher prices.

Seller Profiles

Own Your Dream Ride: Explore Used Golf Carts for Sale by Owners in Fremont, Idaho

Connect with trusted sellers offering a range of used golf carts in Fremont, Idaho. Each seller has been carefully selected based on their reputation, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

Find detailed information about each seller, including their contact information, location, and reviews from previous customers. This will help you make an informed decision and choose the seller that best meets your needs.

Seller Information, Used golf carts for sale by owner in Fremont, Idaho

Name Contact Info Location Reviews
John Smith (208) 555-1212 123 Main Street, Fremont, ID [Insert customer reviews]
Mary Johnson (208) 555-2323 456 Oak Street, Fremont, ID [Insert customer reviews]
Tom Brown (208) 555-3434 789 Maple Street, Fremont, ID [Insert customer reviews]

Features and Amenities

Own Your Dream Ride: Explore Used Golf Carts for Sale by Owners in Fremont, Idaho

Used golf carts for sale in Fremont, Idaho, offer a range of features and amenities to enhance your golfing experience. From extended battery life to comfortable seating, these golf carts provide convenience and comfort on the greens.

The following table summarizes the key features and amenities available:

Battery Life

  • Extended battery life for longer playing time.
  • Battery indicators to monitor power levels.
  • High-capacity batteries for enhanced performance.

Speed and Performance

  • Variable speed settings for optimal control.
  • Powerful motors for smooth acceleration and hill climbing.
  • Adjustable speed governors for safety and compliance.

Seating Capacity

  • Two-seater and four-seater options available.
  • Comfortable seating with adjustable backrests.
  • Ergonomic design for extended comfort during play.

Additional Accessories

  • Cup holders and storage compartments for convenience.
  • Canopies for sun protection.
  • Windshields and headlights for enhanced visibility.

Buying Guide: Used Golf Carts For Sale By Owner In Fremont, Idaho

Own Your Dream Ride: Explore Used Golf Carts for Sale by Owners in Fremont, Idaho

Navigating the used golf cart market in Fremont, Idaho, can be a daunting task. This comprehensive guide provides valuable tips and insights to help you make an informed decision and secure a quality used golf cart that meets your needs.

Before embarking on your search, it’s essential to establish a budget and determine the specific features and amenities you desire in a golf cart. Research different models and manufacturers to identify those that align with your requirements.

Inspecting a Golf Cart

  • Check the body and frame:Look for signs of rust, dents, or cracks that could indicate damage or structural issues.
  • Examine the tires and wheels:Ensure the tires have adequate tread and are properly inflated. Check for any signs of uneven wear or damage to the wheels.
  • Test the brakes and steering:Drive the golf cart on a flat surface to assess the responsiveness and effectiveness of the brakes. Check the steering for any play or looseness.
  • Inspect the electrical system:Turn on the headlights, taillights, and other electrical components to ensure they are functioning properly. Check the battery terminals for any corrosion or loose connections.

Negotiating a Price

  • Research comparable prices:Determine the market value of the golf cart you’re interested in by researching similar models and comparing prices.
  • Consider the condition and age:The condition and age of the golf cart will impact its value. Be prepared to negotiate based on these factors.
  • Be willing to walk away:Don’t be afraid to walk away from a deal if you’re not comfortable with the price or the condition of the golf cart.

Completing the Sale

  • Get a written agreement:Once you’ve agreed on a price, ensure you have a written agreement that Artikels the terms of the sale.
  • Transfer the title:In Idaho, golf carts are considered motor vehicles and require a title transfer. Complete the necessary paperwork to transfer the title to your name.
  • Obtain insurance:Golf carts are required to be insured in Idaho. Purchase insurance to protect yourself and your investment.


Own Your Dream Ride: Explore Used Golf Carts for Sale by Owners in Fremont, Idaho

Finding your perfect used golf cart in Fremont, Idaho, is just a click away. With our detailed listings, expert analysis, and helpful tips, you’ll be driving off in style in no time. Experience the freedom and convenience of owning a used golf cart today, and let the open road become your playground.

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