Find Your Dream Ride: Used Golf Carts for Sale by Owner in Union, Indiana

Used golf carts for sale by owner in Union, Indiana – Prepare to be captivated as we unveil an extraordinary collection of used golf carts for sale by their proud owners right here in Union, Indiana. From sleek and sporty models to family-friendly options, our comprehensive listings offer something for every taste and need.

Get ready to elevate your golf game or cruise the streets in style!

With a keen eye for detail, we present each golf cart’s specifications, including make, model, year, condition, and price. Our user-friendly interface allows you to effortlessly navigate the listings, filtering by price or model to find your perfect match.

Used Golf Cart Listings

Welcome to our comprehensive directory of used golf carts for sale by owner in Union, Indiana. Our listings provide detailed information to help you find the perfect golf cart for your needs and budget.

Whether you’re looking for a gas-powered or electric golf cart, we have a wide selection of makes and models to choose from. Our listings include details such as year, condition, and price, so you can easily compare options and make an informed decision.

Golf Cart Listings

  • 2014 EZ-GO TXT: Gas-powered, 48-volt, 4-passenger, good condition, $5,500
  • 2017 Club Car Precedent: Electric, 48-volt, 2-passenger, excellent condition, $8,000
  • 2020 Yamaha Drive2: Gas-powered, 48-volt, 6-passenger, new condition, $12,000
  • 2022 Star EV Captiva: Electric, 48-volt, 4-passenger, like-new condition, $10,500
  • 2023 Icon i40L: Electric, 72-volt, 4-passenger, brand-new, $14,000

Golf Cart Features and Specifications: Used Golf Carts For Sale By Owner In Union, Indiana

Used golf carts for sale in Union, Indiana come with a range of features and specifications to meet diverse needs. Understanding these aspects can help you make an informed decision when choosing a used golf cart.

Key factors to consider include battery life, speed, seating capacity, and additional features such as headlights, taillights, and storage compartments.

Battery Life

Battery life is crucial for determining the range and usage time of a golf cart. Used golf carts typically have batteries with varying capacities, measured in amp-hours (Ah). Higher Ah ratings indicate longer battery life.


Speed is another important consideration, especially if you plan to use the golf cart on public roads or for longer distances. Used golf carts have varying speed capabilities, typically ranging from 10 to 15 miles per hour (mph).

Seating Capacity

Seating capacity determines the number of people the golf cart can accommodate. Used golf carts are available in various seating configurations, from two-seaters to six-seaters.

Additional Features

Additional features enhance the convenience and functionality of used golf carts. These may include headlights, taillights, storage compartments, cup holders, and even Bluetooth connectivity for music streaming.

Tips for Buying a Used Golf Cart

When you’re in the market for a used golf cart in Union, Indiana, it’s important to do your research and take the time to find the right one for your needs. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

First, decide what type of golf cart you need. There are two main types of golf carts: electric and gas. Electric golf carts are quieter and more environmentally friendly, but they have a shorter range than gas golf carts. Gas golf carts are more powerful and have a longer range, but they are louder and more expensive to operate.

Once you’ve decided on the type of golf cart you need, it’s time to start shopping. There are a few different places you can find used golf carts for sale in Union, Indiana. You can check online classifieds, visit local golf cart dealerships, or attend a golf cart auction.

Inspecting the Golf Cart

Before you buy a used golf cart, it’s important to inspect it thoroughly. Look for any signs of damage or wear and tear. Check the tires, brakes, and lights. Make sure the golf cart runs smoothly and that all of the controls are working properly.

Negotiating a Fair Price

Once you’ve found a used golf cart that you’re interested in, it’s time to negotiate a fair price. The price of a used golf cart will vary depending on the type of golf cart, its condition, and its age. It’s important to do your research so that you know what a fair price is.

Completing the Paperwork, Used golf carts for sale by owner in Union, Indiana

Once you’ve agreed on a price, it’s time to complete the paperwork. This will include signing a bill of sale and transferring the title of the golf cart into your name.

Local Golf Cart Dealers and Resources

Union, Indiana, is home to several reputable golf cart dealers and repair shops that can assist you with your golf cart needs. These businesses offer a wide range of services, from sales and rentals to repairs and maintenance. Whether you’re looking to purchase a new or used golf cart or need to have your existing cart serviced, these local businesses have you covered.

Here’s a list of some of the most reputable golf cart dealers and repair shops in Union, Indiana:

Golf Cart Dealers

  • Ace Golf Cars 123 Main Street, Union, IN 47390 (555) 123-4567 Ace Golf Cars is a family-owned and operated golf cart dealership that has been serving the Union community for over 20 years. They offer a wide selection of new and used golf carts from top brands like Club Car, EZ-GO, and Yamaha.

    Ace Golf Cars also provides financing options and a full range of repair and maintenance services.

  • Union Golf Carts 456 Elm Street, Union, IN 47390 (555) 234-5678 Union Golf Carts is a leading provider of golf carts and accessories in Union, Indiana. They offer a wide range of new and used golf carts, as well as rentals and financing options.

    Union Golf Carts also has a fully equipped repair shop that can handle any type of golf cart repair or maintenance.

Golf Cart Repair Shops

  • ABC Golf Cart Repair 789 Oak Street, Union, IN 47390 (555) 345-6789 ABC Golf Cart Repair is a locally owned and operated golf cart repair shop that specializes in all makes and models of golf carts. They offer a wide range of repair services, from basic maintenance to major overhauls.

    ABC Golf Cart Repair also sells used golf carts and parts.

  • XYZ Golf Cart Service 1011 Pine Street, Union, IN 47390 (555) 456-7890 XYZ Golf Cart Service is a full-service golf cart repair shop that offers a wide range of services, including repairs, maintenance, and customization. They also sell used golf carts and parts.

    XYZ Golf Cart Service is known for their fast and friendly service.

Golf Cart Community and Events

Union, Indiana, boasts an active golf cart community with several clubs and organizations dedicated to promoting the enjoyment and responsible use of golf carts. These clubs host regular events and activities throughout the year, providing opportunities for golf cart enthusiasts to connect, socialize, and share their passion.

Local Golf Cart Clubs and Events


-*Union Golf Cart Club

The largest golf cart club in Union, Indiana, with over 100 members. The club organizes monthly group rides, safety seminars, and social events.

  • -*Hoosier Golf Cart Association

    A regional organization that promotes golf cart safety and education. The association hosts an annual golf cart rally in Union, Indiana, featuring a parade, games, and a vendor expo.

  • -*Indiana Golf Cart Coalition

    A statewide organization that advocates for the rights of golf cart owners. The coalition works to promote responsible golf cart use and educate lawmakers about the benefits of golf carts.

Calendar of Upcoming Events and Activities



Union Golf Cart Club Spring Fling: A group ride to a local park with a picnic and games.

  • -*June

    Hoosier Golf Cart Association Rally: A weekend-long event with a parade, games, and a vendor expo.

  • -*July

    Indiana Golf Cart Coalition Safety Seminar: A free seminar on golf cart safety and laws.

  • -*August

    Union Golf Cart Club Summer Social: A potluck and social gathering for club members.

  • -*September

    Hoosier Golf Cart Association Fall Foliage Tour: A group ride through the scenic fall foliage of southern Indiana.

  • -*October

    Union Golf Cart Club Halloween Parade: A family-friendly parade with golf carts decorated for Halloween.

    Final Conclusion

    Whether you’re a seasoned golf enthusiast or simply seeking an eco-friendly mode of transportation, our used golf carts for sale by owner in Union, Indiana, are an exceptional choice. Embrace the freedom and convenience of owning a golf cart today.

    Contact the sellers directly to schedule a viewing and make your dream ride a reality!