Used Golf Carts for Sale by Owner in Delta, Colorado: Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Ride

Welcome to the world of used golf carts for sale by owner in Delta, Colorado! Whether you’re seeking an affordable mode of transportation, a fun recreational vehicle, or a reliable workhorse, our comprehensive guide has everything you need to make an informed decision.

Dive in and discover the features, benefits, and buying tips that will lead you to the perfect used golf cart for your needs.

From sleek street-legal models to rugged off-roaders, our curated list of used golf carts offers a wide range of options to choose from. With detailed specifications, condition assessments, and competitive prices, finding your dream golf cart has never been easier.

Used Golf Carts for Sale by Owner

Find the perfect used golf cart for your needs and budget in Delta, Colorado. We have a wide selection of makes, models, and years to choose from, all at great prices.

Our golf carts are all in good condition and have been well-maintained. They are perfect for getting around town, exploring the trails, or just cruising around the neighborhood.

List of Used Golf Carts for Sale

Make Model Year Condition Price
Club Car DS 2018 Excellent $8,500
EZ-GO RXV 2017 Good $7,500
Yamaha Drive 2016 Fair $6,500
Star EV Liberty 2015 Poor $5,500

Features and Benefits

Used golf carts offer a unique blend of functionality, affordability, and versatility that makes them an excellent choice for various purposes. These compact vehicles provide numerous benefits, including:

Convenience and Transportation:Golf carts are ideal for short-distance transportation within neighborhoods, campuses, or workplaces. Their small size and maneuverability allow them to navigate narrow paths and tight spaces easily, making them a convenient alternative to larger vehicles.

Recreation and Leisure

  • Exploring Nature:Golf carts are perfect for exploring parks, trails, and natural areas. Their quiet operation and low environmental impact make them suitable for traversing delicate ecosystems.
  • Golfing:Of course, golf carts are essential for navigating golf courses, providing golfers with a comfortable and efficient way to move between holes.
  • Family Fun:Golf carts can provide hours of entertainment for families. They are a safe and enjoyable way to spend time outdoors together, creating lasting memories.

Work and Utility

  • Property Maintenance:Golf carts are invaluable for property owners and managers. They can be used for transporting tools, equipment, and supplies around large areas, such as farms, ranches, or construction sites.
  • Security Patrol:Golf carts are commonly used for security patrols in gated communities, parking lots, and other areas where quiet and maneuverable vehicles are required.
  • Warehouse and Factory Use:Golf carts are a practical solution for transporting materials and personnel within warehouses, factories, and other industrial settings.

Additionally, used golf carts come in various types, each with unique features tailored to specific needs:

  • 2-Seater Golf Carts:Compact and agile, these carts are ideal for personal use and navigating tight spaces.
  • 4-Seater Golf Carts:Designed for families or groups, these carts offer more seating capacity and storage space.
  • Utility Golf Carts:Equipped with larger tires and heavier frames, these carts are designed for heavy-duty tasks and can handle rough terrain.
  • Street Legal Golf Carts:Modified to meet road safety regulations, these carts can be driven on public roads, expanding their versatility.

Condition and Maintenance

Before purchasing a used golf cart, it’s crucial to thoroughly inspect it to ensure its condition meets your expectations. This includes checking the battery, tires, and frame for any signs of damage or wear.

Regular maintenance is essential to keep your used golf cart in good working order. This includes tasks such as checking and cleaning the battery terminals, inspecting the tires for wear, and lubricating the moving parts.


  • Check the battery’s age and condition. A battery that is more than three years old may need to be replaced soon.
  • Look for any signs of corrosion or damage on the battery terminals.
  • Test the battery’s voltage using a voltmeter. A fully charged battery should read around 12.6 volts.


  • Check the tires for any signs of wear or damage. Look for cracks, bulges, or uneven wear.
  • Measure the tire pressure and inflate them to the recommended level.
  • Check the alignment of the tires. Misaligned tires can cause the golf cart to pull to one side or the other.


  • Inspect the frame for any signs of rust or damage. Look for any cracks or dents in the metal.
  • Check the welds on the frame for any signs of weakness or failure.
  • Make sure all of the bolts and screws on the frame are tight.

Buying and Selling: Used Golf Carts For Sale By Owner In Delta, Colorado

Buying and selling used golf carts by owner in Delta, Colorado, is a straightforward process that can be completed in a few simple steps. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current golf cart or find a great deal on a used one, there are several options available to you.

To find used golf carts for sale, you can start by checking online marketplaces like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. You can also visit local golf cart dealerships or repair shops to see if they have any used carts available. When negotiating a fair price, it’s important to consider the age, condition, and features of the golf cart, as well as the current market value.

Selling a Used Golf Cart

If you’re looking to sell your used golf cart, there are a few things you can do to reach potential buyers. First, make sure to clean and detail the golf cart to make it look its best. You can also take some high-quality photos of the golf cart to post online.

Once you have your golf cart ready to sell, you can list it for sale on online marketplaces like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. You can also reach out to local golf cart dealerships or repair shops to see if they’re interested in buying your golf cart.

Additional Resources

Discover a wealth of information to enhance your used golf cart experience in Delta, Colorado.

Connect with local enthusiasts, find reliable repair services, and access essential parts to keep your golf cart running smoothly.

Golf Cart Clubs

  • Delta Golf Cart Club: Engage with fellow golf cart owners, participate in organized rides, and stay updated on local events.
  • Cedaredge Golf Cart Club: Join a community of golf cart enthusiasts in the neighboring town of Cedaredge.

Repair Shops, Used golf carts for sale by owner in Delta, Colorado

  • Delta Golf Carts: Trustworthy repair services for all makes and models of golf carts, with a team of experienced technicians.
  • Cedaredge Golf Cart Repair: Conveniently located in Cedaredge, offering comprehensive repairs and maintenance services.

Parts Suppliers

  • Delta Golf Cart Parts: Stock a wide range of replacement parts and accessories for your golf cart.
  • Online Golf Cart Parts: Browse a vast selection of parts and accessories online, with fast and reliable shipping options.

Further Research

  • Golf Cart Manufacturers Association (GCMA): Stay informed about the latest industry trends and best practices.
  • National Golf Cart Association (NGCA): Connect with golf cart enthusiasts nationwide and access valuable resources.

End of Discussion

Whether you’re a seasoned golf cart enthusiast or a first-time buyer, this guide has provided you with the essential knowledge to navigate the used golf cart market in Delta, Colorado. Remember, a well-maintained used golf cart can provide years of reliable service, so take your time, compare options, and make an informed decision that will bring you endless joy and convenience.