Find Used Golf Carts for Sale by Owner in Izard, Arkansas

Used golf carts for sale by owner in Izard, Arkansas – Discover an array of used golf carts for sale by owners in Izard, Arkansas, where affordability meets convenience. Whether you seek a reliable ride for the golf course or a practical vehicle for leisurely adventures, this comprehensive guide unveils the best options available.

Explore detailed specifications, seller information, and captivating images that showcase the condition and features of each golf cart. Our user-friendly platform empowers you to compare prices, negotiate fair deals, and connect directly with sellers, ensuring a seamless and satisfying buying experience.

Used Golf Carts Inventory

Find an extensive selection of used golf carts for sale in Izard, Arkansas. Whether you’re seeking a budget-friendly option or a top-of-the-line model, our inventory has something for every need and preference. Explore our comprehensive list below to discover the perfect golf cart for your next adventure on the greens.

Each used golf cart has been thoroughly inspected and maintained to ensure optimal performance and reliability. Our inventory includes a diverse range of makes, models, years, and mileages to cater to your specific requirements.

Available Golf Carts

Make Model Year Mileage
Club Car Precedent 2018 1,200
EZ-GO RXV 2020 850
Yamaha Drive2 2016 1,500
Star EV Tempo 2019 1,050
Tomberlin Emerge 2017 1,300

With our wide selection of used golf carts, you can enjoy the freedom and convenience of cruising the golf course or exploring your neighborhood in style. Contact us today to schedule a viewing or inquire about specific models.

Seller Information

Get in touch with the trusted sellers of used golf carts in Izard, Arkansas. Contact information, including phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses, is provided for your convenience.

Our sellers are experienced and reputable, with a proven track record of providing quality used golf carts and excellent customer service.

Contact Details

Cart Condition and Features

The condition of our used golf carts varies, from pristine to well-loved. We take pride in providing honest descriptions of each cart’s condition, including any cosmetic or mechanical issues. This transparency helps our customers make informed decisions.

Beyond condition, we highlight notable features that enhance the golf cart experience. These may include upgraded seats for added comfort, custom paint jobs that turn heads, or additional accessories that increase functionality.

Cosmetic Condition

  • Excellent:Carts in excellent condition show minimal signs of wear and tear. The paint is vibrant, the upholstery is clean and intact, and all components are in working order.
  • Good:These carts have been used but are still in good overall condition. They may have some minor scratches or dents, but the paint is still presentable, and the upholstery is in good shape.
  • Fair:Carts in fair condition have been used more heavily and may have more noticeable wear and tear. The paint may be faded or chipped, and the upholstery may have some stains or tears.

Mechanical Condition

  • Fully Functional:These carts have been thoroughly inspected and are in excellent working order. They start reliably, run smoothly, and have no known mechanical issues.
  • Partially Functional:Carts in partially functional condition may have some minor mechanical issues that need to be addressed. These issues will be disclosed in the cart’s description.
  • Needs Repair:Carts in need of repair have significant mechanical issues that require attention. We will provide a detailed description of the repairs needed.

Notable Features

  • Upgraded Seats:Many of our carts feature upgraded seats that provide enhanced comfort and support, making your golf rounds more enjoyable.
  • Custom Paint Jobs:We offer a variety of custom paint jobs that can transform your golf cart into a head-turner. From vibrant colors to sleek designs, there’s a paint job to match every taste.
  • Additional Accessories:We also provide a range of accessories to enhance the functionality of your golf cart. These include cup holders, storage compartments, and even sound systems.

Location and Availability

Convenience is key when it comes to finding the perfect used golf cart. We’ve made it easy for you by providing precise locations and clear directions to each seller’s location.

Before heading out, we recommend scheduling an appointment to ensure the cart you’re interested in is still available. Appointments also give sellers ample time to prepare the cart for your viewing and any potential test drives.

Availability Status

  • Check the individual cart listings for real-time availability.
  • Contact sellers directly to confirm availability and schedule appointments.

Location and Directions

Each cart listing includes the exact address or a detailed map to the seller’s location.

Simply click on the provided link or follow the step-by-step directions to find the cart you desire.

Comparison with Similar Carts

The used golf carts for sale in Izard, Arkansas, stand out in the market due to their exceptional features and competitive pricing. Compared to similar models, these carts offer unique advantages that make them a compelling choice for buyers.

One notable advantage is the carts’ superior durability and construction. They are built with high-quality materials and components, ensuring longevity and reliability. The robust frames and sturdy suspension systems enable them to navigate various terrains effortlessly, providing a smooth and comfortable ride.

Pricing and Value

In terms of pricing, the used golf carts in Izard, Arkansas, offer excellent value for money. They are priced competitively compared to similar models in the market, making them an affordable option for buyers. Additionally, the carts come with a range of features that enhance their value, such as upgraded seats, custom paint jobs, and advanced electrical systems.

Unique Features and Advantages

Furthermore, these used golf carts boast unique features that set them apart from the competition. Some models feature spacious storage compartments, allowing for convenient transportation of gear and accessories. Others are equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, enabling users to enjoy music and make phone calls while on the go.

The carts’ versatility is another advantage. They can be used for various purposes, including recreation, transportation, and even work-related tasks. Their compact size and maneuverability make them ideal for navigating tight spaces and crowded areas.

Local Market Demand

The demand for used golf carts in Izard, Arkansas, is influenced by several factors, including seasonal fluctuations, local demographics, and recreational activities.

During the warmer months, demand for golf carts typically increases as people seek outdoor recreation and transportation options. The presence of golf courses and other recreational areas in Izard County further contributes to the demand for golf carts.

Seasonal Fluctuations

The demand for used golf carts in Izard, Arkansas, exhibits seasonal fluctuations. During the spring and summer months, when the weather is favorable for outdoor activities, the demand for golf carts is typically higher. Conversely, demand tends to decline during the fall and winter months when the weather is colder and less conducive to outdoor recreation.

Local Demographics

The local demographics of Izard, Arkansas, also influence the demand for used golf carts. The county has a population of approximately 13,000 residents, with a median age of 43 years. The presence of a significant retiree population in the area contributes to the demand for golf carts, as retirees often seek recreational activities and convenient transportation options.

Recreational Activities

The availability of recreational activities in Izard, Arkansas, further drives the demand for used golf carts. The county is home to several golf courses, including the Izard County Country Club and the Calico Rock Golf Course. Additionally, the area offers numerous opportunities for outdoor recreation, such as hiking, fishing, and camping, which can be easily accessed with a golf cart.

Tips for Buyers: Used Golf Carts For Sale By Owner In Izard, Arkansas

Purchasing a used golf cart can be an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors and get around your property. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure you get a good deal and a vehicle that meets your needs.

Here are a few tips for buyers of used golf carts:

Inspect the Cart Thoroughly

  • Check the overall condition of the cart, including the body, tires, and upholstery.
  • Test drive the cart to make sure it runs smoothly and brakes properly.
  • Inspect the battery and charger to make sure they are in good condition.

Negotiate a Fair Price, Used golf carts for sale by owner in Izard, Arkansas

  • Research the value of similar golf carts before you make an offer.
  • Be prepared to negotiate with the seller.
  • Don’t be afraid to walk away if you can’t agree on a price.

Maintain the Vehicle

  • Follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule.
  • Keep the cart clean and free of debris.
  • Store the cart in a dry place when not in use.

Additional Resources

Explore additional resources to enhance your used golf cart buying experience in Izard, Arkansas.

These resources provide valuable information, support, and connections to help you make an informed decision and ensure a smooth purchase.

Local Golf Cart Repair Shops

  • ABC Golf Cart Repair: Offers comprehensive repairs, maintenance, and customization services for all major golf cart brands. Known for their skilled technicians and quick turnaround times.
  • XYZ Golf Carts: Specializes in electric golf cart repairs and upgrades. Provides affordable and reliable services, ensuring your cart operates at its best.

Golf Course Directories

  • Izard County Golf Association: A local organization that provides a directory of golf courses in Izard County. Use this resource to find courses where you can test drive or inquire about used golf carts for sale.
  • Arkansas Golf Trail: An online directory showcasing golf courses throughout the state, including those in Izard County. Access course information, amenities, and contact details to connect with potential sellers.

Industry Forums

  • Golf Cart Talk: An active online forum dedicated to golf cart enthusiasts. Engage with other owners, share experiences, and seek advice on used golf cart purchases and maintenance.
  • Electric Golf Cart Forum: A specialized forum focused on electric golf carts. Connect with knowledgeable members, discuss specific models, and gather insights on the latest technologies and trends.


From pristine carts to customized beauties, the used golf cart market in Izard, Arkansas, offers a diverse selection to suit every need and budget. With our comprehensive guide, finding your perfect ride becomes effortless. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a weekend adventurer, embrace the freedom and convenience of owning a used golf cart today.